Salsa your way to cooking

Inspiration from others!


Hola SlowCookers and NonSlowCookers!

After spending a week away at a remote location in Mexico on a yoga retreat, it became very clear to me how eating healthy foods during the day allowed me to feel better and more energized. The ‘eco-chic’ resort prepated three meals a day, all of which were completely natural and grown locally. Everything from fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and each meal we left the table feeling full and happy. While I did not prepare the meal posted in the picture, it certainly gave me inspiration for ideas to cook down the road. 

For example, the white fish was prepared by grill, but then to add extra taste, the chef made a salsa topping filled with natural tomatoes, and onions. The quinoa was not just any quinoa, it also had steamed broccoli mixed in. Additionally, the spinach was finely chopped with almond chips and sliced avocados. This meal is not something I would have ever thought of on my own, but seeing how different foods were used to create a well-rounded taste made me think about how I could combine other foods to make tasty meals, as well!

Cooking is a learning process and reading recipes is just one way to get on track. My week in Mexico allowed me to really appreciate the prepared meals, and learn to apply these findings to create future recipes of my own. 

Adios SlowCookers, until next time…