Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and an Italian feast

Hey SlowCookers and Non SlowCookers –


In anticipation of the annual Italian Easter feast, I made sure to fast before attending our 1pm marathon of eating. It’s funny because when I mentioned to a relative that I held off eating so that I would have room for the fabulous food that awaited me. She quickly replied, “ well no, you’re supposed to ‘stretch’ your stomach by eating food so that way you can eat as much as you want!”. I saw her point, but at the end of the day there was really only so much food I could eat.

Italian feast!

Italian feast!

Tasting a bit of everything, I watched as our splendid hostess brought out platter after platter of all home made delights! The lasagna made from scratch, with love was prepared to perfection and left everyone wanting seconds (although we did not actually have much space for more food). Taking a bit of a break from food some of us stepped outside for some fresh air to enjoy the beautiful day, while others took a quick cat nap. After our little break we sat down at the table and were greeted with some savory lamb, ham, apple sauce, roasted carrots and blanched string beans with chopped almonds. Definitely dealing with a master chef for this occasion, I learned a lot. The hostess herself even said that as often as she cooks these meals, and cooks well – she too relies on cooking advice from others. To my surprise, she has to check on cooking temperatures and even admitted to overcooking food in the past. SHOCKED, I couldn’t believe her. Knowing that; however, made me feel a little better about some of my cooking wins and cooking fails.


As I have previously stated, everyone messes up a recipe and/or meal from time to time, but there is always a lesson that could be learned. Whether that is to get advice on cooking times, what seasonings to add, or any tips and tricks we pick up along the way, or have passed down. It’s been a fun cooking road and I am looking forward to the next big (or small) meal that awaits!


Until next time cookers,