Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and an Italian feast

Hey SlowCookers and Non SlowCookers –


In anticipation of the annual Italian Easter feast, I made sure to fast before attending our 1pm marathon of eating. It’s funny because when I mentioned to a relative that I held off eating so that I would have room for the fabulous food that awaited me. She quickly replied, “ well no, you’re supposed to ‘stretch’ your stomach by eating food so that way you can eat as much as you want!”. I saw her point, but at the end of the day there was really only so much food I could eat.

Italian feast!

Italian feast!

Tasting a bit of everything, I watched as our splendid hostess brought out platter after platter of all home made delights! The lasagna made from scratch, with love was prepared to perfection and left everyone wanting seconds (although we did not actually have much space for more food). Taking a bit of a break from food some of us stepped outside for some fresh air to enjoy the beautiful day, while others took a quick cat nap. After our little break we sat down at the table and were greeted with some savory lamb, ham, apple sauce, roasted carrots and blanched string beans with chopped almonds. Definitely dealing with a master chef for this occasion, I learned a lot. The hostess herself even said that as often as she cooks these meals, and cooks well – she too relies on cooking advice from others. To my surprise, she has to check on cooking temperatures and even admitted to overcooking food in the past. SHOCKED, I couldn’t believe her. Knowing that; however, made me feel a little better about some of my cooking wins and cooking fails.


As I have previously stated, everyone messes up a recipe and/or meal from time to time, but there is always a lesson that could be learned. Whether that is to get advice on cooking times, what seasonings to add, or any tips and tricks we pick up along the way, or have passed down. It’s been a fun cooking road and I am looking forward to the next big (or small) meal that awaits!


Until next time cookers,




Salsa your way to cooking

Inspiration from others!


Hola SlowCookers and NonSlowCookers!

After spending a week away at a remote location in Mexico on a yoga retreat, it became very clear to me how eating healthy foods during the day allowed me to feel better and more energized. The ‘eco-chic’ resort prepated three meals a day, all of which were completely natural and grown locally. Everything from fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and each meal we left the table feeling full and happy. While I did not prepare the meal posted in the picture, it certainly gave me inspiration for ideas to cook down the road. 

For example, the white fish was prepared by grill, but then to add extra taste, the chef made a salsa topping filled with natural tomatoes, and onions. The quinoa was not just any quinoa, it also had steamed broccoli mixed in. Additionally, the spinach was finely chopped with almond chips and sliced avocados. This meal is not something I would have ever thought of on my own, but seeing how different foods were used to create a well-rounded taste made me think about how I could combine other foods to make tasty meals, as well!

Cooking is a learning process and reading recipes is just one way to get on track. My week in Mexico allowed me to really appreciate the prepared meals, and learn to apply these findings to create future recipes of my own. 

Adios SlowCookers, until next time…


Did someone say Tilapia?


Dear SlowCookers –

Happy to present to you this week the fine Sauteed Tilapia with Parmasan Crust, and side of honey oven roasted carrots and sauteed kale. YUM. Dinner for two, paired with a glass of wine, it doesn’t get much better than that! This weeks recipe was super easy. Trying to stick to healthier options, all while enjoying my food, I decided to be a bit adventurous and try cooking fish. In the past, this has been a bit tricky because how do you actually know when the fish is ready, what is it supposed to look like? These were previously all valid deterrents when it came to cooking fish; however, the recipe which I found on yummly was straightforward and easy to follow. Try it out and let me know how it worked for you!

Until next time slow cookers,


Slowly, but surely…

Slow Cooker Recipe #1

Hey there fellow SlowCookers, & Non-SlowCookers –

I hope you’re all saying warm! This week on the recipe agenda I decided to cook up a storm which includes oven roasted chicken with rosemary, bacon and garlic. Also throwing in a touch of some brown rice and swiss chard.

I don’t know about you, but up until a last weekend I never had never heard of swiss chard. I mean, really, what the heck is this? I thought to myself, ” a piece of chard from Switzerland? That can’t be”, but that is where my mind went. Anyway, I was out at a restaurant with one of my best friends and we saw it on the menu. Deciding to be a bit adventurous, we orded it and crossed out fingers. To our surprise, we loved this new, ‘swiss chard’, and as a result I decided to cook some myself. Two words: Tasty delightfulness.

This weeks recipe was pretty easy, but being a SlowCooker here are a couple tips:

1. Always cook with the fan on ( I have an actual full size fan, not just the oven vent above the microwave) – you know, just in case something starts to burn. [Although, I like to think my food doesn’t actually burn, but rather my fire alarm is just bi-polar].

2. Improvise – sometimes the written recipe just doesn’t work, so try something different!

Check out my final product:

Recipe of The Week

Recipe of The Week

Thanks to all who have followed and ‘liked’ on instagram, commented & posted #SlowCooker photos! Going forward I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and any cooking requests you may have.

Keep on cookin…


Cookin Like A Turtle

Dear readers,

I would first like to state my sincerest appreciation to all the friends, family, co-workers and peers who support my “Slow Cooker In The City” initiatives. Without many of you, I would not have been able to cook up this delicious idea.

Most of you know me as Becca, but to some mayby not so much  – let me fill you in with a sprinkle of background information.

To make this short and sweet – I grew up in a small affluent town in CT, with hardworking parents who were away most of the day. As a result, I relied heavily on microwavable frozen foods, or grandma’s generous home cooked meals. Obviously, my preferences relied on grandma’s cooking, but somewhere along the way I missed out on the cooking gene. Frozen meals sat well with me and I didn’t think twice – until my adventure began freshman year in Boston with my roommate.

While I moved on from typical froze foods, to the upgraded ramen noodles, campbell’s soup and restaurant food, it wasn’t until sophomore year, when my roommate and I got an apartment that we attempted cooking. Treading slowly, we took a stab at chicken. This was a major step in our cooking careers, which was closely related to our need to save money. Ordering in and going out was getting expensive – we figured if we cooked for ourselves meals we would not only save money, but we would likely end up eating healthier. This mentality faded in and out over next few years, until 2010 hit and I moved to the BIG city [NYC, of course], where I met the infamous sister friend [Ashleysss], who for in the sake of sticking to the topic related to SlowCookerInTheCity, she was like a mini-Martha Stewart.

Ashleysss rekindled the flicker of interest in cooking that I once had. Unlike me, she grew up in the mid-west, Kansas to be exact, cooking all the time, and was the type of person who I could see saying, “just a pitch of “_this_ and voila”, oh no, no, no. A “pinch of this” for me meant, “OH NO-OH NO-OH NO!!”.

During the next few years I learned through trial and error, eventually understanding that some things work in one case, but not the other. It doesn’t have to come out perfect the first time, because it’s about the journey, not the destination, right?!

This blog page is for every slow cooker who has a dream, and for every real cooker who has a vision.  My hopes for this page are to inspire others to learn to cook, even if the foundation may be a bit sparse.

Join me, and feel free to comment, make suggestions on my journey to becoming an actual cooker in the city. Follow me on instagram & hastag #slowcookerinthecity for every meal you feel pride in and want to share!

Keep on cookin, until next time…