Cookin Like A Turtle

Dear readers,

I would first like to state my sincerest appreciation to all the friends, family, co-workers and peers who support my “Slow Cooker In The City” initiatives. Without many of you, I would not have been able to cook up this delicious idea.

Most of you know me as Becca, but to some mayby not so much  – let me fill you in with a sprinkle of background information.

To make this short and sweet – I grew up in a small affluent town in CT, with hardworking parents who were away most of the day. As a result, I relied heavily on microwavable frozen foods, or grandma’s generous home cooked meals. Obviously, my preferences relied on grandma’s cooking, but somewhere along the way I missed out on the cooking gene. Frozen meals sat well with me and I didn’t think twice – until my adventure began freshman year in Boston with my roommate.

While I moved on from typical froze foods, to the upgraded ramen noodles, campbell’s soup and restaurant food, it wasn’t until sophomore year, when my roommate and I got an apartment that we attempted cooking. Treading slowly, we took a stab at chicken. This was a major step in our cooking careers, which was closely related to our need to save money. Ordering in and going out was getting expensive – we figured if we cooked for ourselves meals we would not only save money, but we would likely end up eating healthier. This mentality faded in and out over next few years, until 2010 hit and I moved to the BIG city [NYC, of course], where I met the infamous sister friend [Ashleysss], who for in the sake of sticking to the topic related to SlowCookerInTheCity, she was like a mini-Martha Stewart.

Ashleysss rekindled the flicker of interest in cooking that I once had. Unlike me, she grew up in the mid-west, Kansas to be exact, cooking all the time, and was the type of person who I could see saying, “just a pitch of “_this_ and voila”, oh no, no, no. A “pinch of this” for me meant, “OH NO-OH NO-OH NO!!”.

During the next few years I learned through trial and error, eventually understanding that some things work in one case, but not the other. It doesn’t have to come out perfect the first time, because it’s about the journey, not the destination, right?!

This blog page is for every slow cooker who has a dream, and for every real cooker who has a vision.  My hopes for this page are to inspire others to learn to cook, even if the foundation may be a bit sparse.

Join me, and feel free to comment, make suggestions on my journey to becoming an actual cooker in the city. Follow me on instagram & hastag #slowcookerinthecity for every meal you feel pride in and want to share!

Keep on cookin, until next time…



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